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Here is the small introduction about the game. It turns out that a curse struck the Princess Mousseline who found herself dressed in unkempt clothes, while fashion is at the center of the customs of the inhabitants. The king, aka his father, decides to appeal to heroes whose mission is to gather the three totems of the legend to ward.

In cooperation with three players who must join forces to solve inventive puzzles and beat different bosses more original than the others. Players share their life with a unique bar of hearts . During the game, the three heroes can stack on top of each other to reach high areas. The communication between the players is done through a system of icons to carry out common actions.

Note that the game is accessible to one player with the other 2 knights in AI mode and playable with a single cartridge! The graphic style of the game is inspired by "  A Link Between Worlds " and " The Wind Waker ". On the other hand, pay attention to the backups , because there is only one file available per game.

The Game2Game site allows to exchange your video games by launching an exchange request from the search engine of the site.

If you own games on Nintendo 3DS / 2DS, you may be able to trade one of your games for Zelda Triforce. To do this, simply go to the home page. Below the search bar is the option: "Reverse search".

Clicking on it will show that the search bar is purple. You can then enter the name of the game "Zelda Tri Force Heroes", as well as the name of the Nintendo 2DS / 3DS console, and press the "Search" button.

You will see the list of the games that are compatible  with the exchange for The Legend of Zelda Tri force heroes.  Read More Check This Website : http://sohaliahegde.clanwebsite.com/blogs

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